Friday, June 12, 2015

Food Quotes: Debbie Harry

"Breakfast can be anything. When I'm home it's whatever's in the fridge. When I'm traveling it's usually fruit, eggs, or cereal at the hotel. I try to be gluten-free whenever possible and avoid dairy"

"Well… practically nothing. We were broke. We used to go to Chris Stein's mother's house and have this kosher beef dish she made with lots of garlic in it. We went to Chinatown for dumplings. We used to have canned chilli. God, I don't even remember! I would make baked yams, which were healthy and economical. I can cook; not great, but I can. I like cooking for other people, but I don't for myself. I mean, why bother?"

"Sometimes I would love to eat a whole pizza. But then I follow it through in my head… You eat the pizza, and then you go home and feel rough about yourself. You're just going to regret it. I don't kid myself about that."

"I made a nice, big chili yesterday — three kinds of beans, onions, garlic, jalapeƱos, tomato sauce. Sometimes vegetarian, sometimes with turkey. So far today I’ve made a protein shake with goji powder, chia seeds, a protein supplement and coconut water. I also had a couple bites of egg salad and I’m just about to have a real salad for lunch."

"I’ve started seeing a nutritionist. He’s got me off the coffee. I’m learning to love tea."

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