Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Warm Brussel Sprouts 'Salad'

-1 bag/pint (about 1 lb) of brussel sprouts, sliced
-pancetta, diced (found in package form; if not at least 4 slices)
-small handful of dried cranberries
-garlic, sliced into chips
-balasmic vinegar (eyeball)

saute pancetta in EVOO till brown, take out on paper-towel covered plate. Saute sliced garlic clove in pancetta/EVOO till brown, take out on paper-towel with pancetta. Saute sliced brussel sprouts, season S&P, stirring till browning careful not to burn. Put in reserved pancetta & garlic and a small handful of dried cranberries. Stir few minutes and add about two shots of balasmic vinegar for a few more minutes and then serve. Add a little more of EVOO if looking little dry as brussel sprouts will absorb while cooking.

For Vegetarians-
just leave out the pancetta; you can also swap or use 1 onion sliced and saute after browning the garlic into chips