Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Food Quotes: Isabel Gillies

"I'm way into every cookbook that Jamie Oliver has written. I just want to cook everything and go from one book to another because he's so precise and the recipes turn out exactly how he says they're going to. I get Gourmet and I buy cookbooks for fun. My husband is Jewish so now I'm getting into Jewish cuisine and the culture. I think part of creating a home is where it kind of focuses for me. That's what I do a lot."

"Getting in bed with a cookbook. Settling into an evening of good TV, a glass of white wine, and take-out...A jelly donut and cup of tea". (her happiness boost)

"Oh, my goodness, Jamie Oliver, everybody...Tony Bourdain I love" (her favorite chefs)

"Jamie Oliver. I love cooking out of his books!" (her favorite chef)

"Goodness how I love to read cookbooks. First of all they usually are so beautiful and heavy. If I didn’t need them in the kitchen I would keep all of mine in the bedroom (and in fact I have about five at all times in there as many nights, I read them before sleep). My mother had lots of wonderful cookbooks. I can picture her in front of her red shelf perusing each spine for one she wanted to pull out and use. I think sometimes her fingers even fluttered in anticipation of one of her old friends tumbling into her arms to be brought into the kitchen. I am the same. I love my cookbooks like friends. I know all of them, visit them on a weekly basis and thank them when they have done something awesome for me, like help me cook for my family. Love them! I also LOVE getting them as presents!"

"Greek yogurt, almond milk, frozen blueberries, brown rice, and carrots. What you’ll really find in my fridge are a lot of leftovers because I like to cook. I also love black beans and agave syrup." (Always in her kitchen)

"Fried chicken, whether it’s wings or a big fried chicken dinner. Of course, it’s free rang! I also love pizza" (Guilty pleasure foods)

"And Jamie Oliver- I respect his food point of view. My mother, too. She is 70-something and she does yoga. She doesn’t believe in denial, fear of food is bad. You have to treat yourself, but everything in moderation." (Biggest inspiration)

"I always have cookbooks on my nightstand..."

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